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Mission Statement

Your child will receive quality education, based on Gospel values, by a dedicated staff,
who will assist him/her to develop spiritually, physically and emotionally to his/her full
potential in a nurturing and caring environment at affordable fees

 Welcome to a Unique Family School with a Special Character. As a Catholic Christian School, we, at Holy Cross  are committed to teaching with gospel values. Faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. Love is  patient and kind; it is not jealous, conceited or proud. Love is gentle and peaceful. This atmosphere  permeates through the corridors of our school. We are a second home to all who sets foot here.

 We rejoice in the great advances our young democracy has made but acknowledge with pain that our  country remain in need of healing. We are called to the need for justice, solidarity and the affirmation of the  dignity of all, especially the "little ones". With boldness, we continue to proclaim Jesus' way of love, compassion, solidarity, forgiveness and service. We strive to be a community of care where each person's  worth is nurtured.

 Our school was founded by courageous, committed and righteous women of the order of the Holy Cross  Sisters who sacrificed their families and their lives for our community. This is our foundation, built on a solid  rock, not in self-interest but in the interest of the common good. It is with great humility and pride that we  walk on these grounds. They have left a powerful legacy of standing for deeper values and always striving to  offer excellent, quality education.

We offer an education embedded in classroom practices linked to improved outcomes in the following areas:
1. intellectual quality
2. social supportiveness
3. connectedness to the world beyond the classroom
4. recognition and tolerance of difference

 We believe that teaching is more than an occupation, as a wonderful privilege, it is a calling to serve God's  little ones. They are our most vulnerable in society. This we view as a huge privilege and believe that we are  used as instruments or vessels for one who is much greater than ourselves. It is with awesome passion and  inspiration from above that I feel extremely humbled to lead this school with an outstanding team of  professional, dedicated and committed staff.

 Alfreda May Bekkers
 Head Mistress


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