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Vision Statement

Your child will receive quality education, based on Gospel values, by a dedicated staff,
who will assist him/her to develop spiritually, physically and emotionally to his/her full
potential in a nurturing and caring environment at affordable fees.

Holy Cross Academic Staff

Head Mistress
Ms. L Mouton (Gr. 6) - BA(Hons) Psychology; Higher Diploma in Education

Deputy Principal
Ms. P Sobotker (Gr. 4) - B Ed(Hons) (Foundation - Senior Phase); Higher Diploma in Education

Department Heads
Ms. S van Rensburg (Gr. 7) - Primary Teaching Diploma (Intermediate / Senior Phase); Higher Diploma in Education
Ms. M Potgieter (Gr. 3) - Higher Diploma Education; Licentiate Theology

Mrs. T Hendricks (Gr. 7) - BSc Physical Science; B.Ed (Hons); PGCE
Ms. Z Stellenboom (Gr. 6) - B.Ed (Intermediate / Senior Phase)
Ms. C. Luttig (Gr. 6) - B.Ed (Intermediate / Senior Phase)
Mrs. C Fysh (Gr. 5) - B.Ed (Intermediate / Senior Phase)
Ms. L. Lategan (Gr. 5) - B.Ed (Intermediate / Senior Phase)
Mrs. C Pretorius (Gr. 4) - BA(Hons) Psychology; PGCE
Mrs. M. Holland-McGee (Gr. 3) - B.Ed (Foundation Phase)
Ms. K Less (Gr. 2) - B.Ed (Foundation Phase)
Ms. J Odendaal (Gr. 2) - Higher Diploma in Education (Foundation Phase)
Ms. M Holland (Gr. 1) - B.Ed (Foundation Phase)
Ms. Z. La Gorce (Gr. 1) - B.Ed (Foundation Phase)
Mrs. R Myburgh (Gr. R) - B.Ed (Foundation Phase)
Ms. S van Den Berg (Gr. R) - Higher Diploma in Education
Ms. C van den Hoven (Speech & Drama) - ATCL (Associate in Speech and Drama, Trinity College London)
Mr. A Theunissen (Sport coach) - MA Physical Education (Student Developement and Support)

Extra lessons teacher
Ms. S Wrensch - B.Ed(Hons) Inclusive education

IT Co-Ordinator
Mrs. L Wentzel (Computer Literacy) - Dip. Multimedia & Adv Dip. ICT:Applications Developement